Saturday, March 14, 2015

Half way there! - 3/2/2015


Thank you so much for the photos and the stories you have sent to me! I have greatly enjoyed them :) I didn't know Iooked so much like Grandmother Thelda... she's pretty ;)

This week was a good one. We've seen a lot of tender mercies. There's a cute little hermana in our branch that got reactivated a little bit ago and she's the only member of her family. Her family doesn't want anything to do with the church and it's pretty sad because they just poke fun at her all the time. They barely even acknowledge us when we go eat lunch every other week and her husband has never said anything to us except ''Que Dios les bendiga!!!!'' We've been praying a lot with and for her and her family so that they have a change of heart, pretty much since we got here two months ago. This last week she went on vacation but we felt like we needed to stop by and see if her husband was there.

He invited us to sit down and calmly explained to us why he was never going to go to our church. Basically he's just had some special experiences in his own church and feels like he'd be betraying God if he went to a different one. We listened for a little bit and then explained that we didn't want to take those special experiences away from him and that we only wanted to share things that would build his faith even more. Then he could pray and ask God if it was true or not. He kind of stopped us and asked,'' I can ask Him?'' And we were like, ''Yeah!'' He said that they had never told him anything like that in his church and told us ''Ok, I'm gonna do it! What do I have to do?'' We explained, read a couple scriptures, then committed him to baptism. He told us to come back this week to see how it went. It was a neat testimony builder to me that the Lord really does hear prayers and prepares the minds of the people. :)

Thank you so much for keeping me updated on everything! I love you all so much! Oh, and I hit 9 months this week! Time flies, right?

Hermana Robinson

I found out that one of my bff's here in the mission, Hermana Bruneel, is related to us. She's from Moses Lake and thinks her parents know Craig's parents. Small world, right? 

This is one of the few dogs here in Argentina that I feel comfortable touching... :)

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