Saturday, March 14, 2015


Hey there beautifuls.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! I knew y´all didn´t forget ;) I still haven´t gotten my packages, but I have faith! Don´t you worry bout a thing. Oh, but shoutout to Alyse for the kitty socks-- everyone is supes jealous, and I am one happy missionary :) I´ll be sure to take a pic for next week!

 This week we had divisions with the capacitadoras.. And I was a little bit stressed out because Presidente made this agenda for all of us to use during divisions and we have to follow it as closely as we can- like have a lesson with a member to prepare them to go out on a lesson with you, then have them accompany you to the lesson, have another lesson with a member to teach them family history, read the BoM with another family, and a bunch of other stuff. All that´s just fine, but they told us we we´re having divisions the night before, after nightly planning, so I had to change almost all of our plans and call a bunch of people to get everything worked out. Everything turned out fine, we got some appointments set and I was ready to go. Then next morning as we were studying, one of the APs called me and was like ¨Hermana, where are you?¨ and I had no absolutely idea what he was talking about, but apparently there was a meeting for all the trainers that morning and nobody told me about it.. so then I felt bad about that, even though it wasn´t my fault. Ha.. so it was one of the most stressful days of my mission, but everything turned out just fine and I kept my cool through it all :) The only thing is that it was my birthday so.. yeah :) haha but la familia Olivera made me a yummy cake and I then I felt a lot better. We actually celebrated the day after cuz my companion was gone on my actual birthday and the other hermanas made me a cake with alfajors in it.. it was delicious and I really have a problem because I´m getting a little bigger, especially my cheeks. But the Lord is blessing me in a stange way because all of the sudden I hate dulce de leche and that´s been my kryptonite. I´m really sorry that this email is like really random.. but hey, whatcha gonna do.
I did learn a lot about the power of prayer this week though. I´ve been studying a lot about it in PME and the scriptures and I´ve been trying to make my prayers a lot more specific and heartfelt. As we truly seek revelation, the Lord gives it to us. We just have to do our part in pondering, searching, and then acting. I can already see a difference in my prayers and the effects they have in my day. I invite all of you to read about it Preach My Gospel because it applies to all of us, not just missionaries. I love you all so very much and I hope you have a wonderful week!

Love, Hermana Robinson

Mate partay with the members. Have I told you all how much I love my area? Cuz it´s the best. The members are awesome. We had 80 people in the chapel this week! #winning

The branch president always asks the hermanas what our goals are after the mission... then tell us ¨Your first goal should be MARRIAGE! You have 6 months after getting back to get married.¨Hence, the six fingers. 

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