Saturday, March 14, 2015



We had a Christmas activity with the Zone this last saturday in San Nicolás. We made cookies and took them to an orphanage and played soccer with all the little kids. It was soo much fun and everyone was totes impressed by my soccer skill. Still got it. And Carolina y Ana did my hair real pretty.

Oh, other big news... my mission is getting split next June! So I´ll either finish my mission in Argentina Santa Fe o en Argentina Rosario. It´s a ways away but it´ll come quick!

Some of my thoughts that I sent to mom.. 

I can´t wait to talk to you all next week! :)
I love your thoughts so much mom! I had some similar thoughts this week. I think I´ve always struggled a little bit with feeling inadequate, even more so as a missionary. This week I realized that if the Lord wanted us to be completely prepared in anything, we´d never get there. Then I had that thought that I´ll probably have the same feelings of inadequacy someday when I´m a mother. Sometimes I get down on myself for making silly mistakes, but I have to stop because that´s what life is all about! We make mistakes and then we learn from them. Sometimes it´s overwhelming when I think about all the areas I have to improve in (there are so many faces of missionary work!) like working with the members, learning the language, becoming a better teacher, learning to listen to the spirit, and overall just becoming a better disciple of Jesus Christ. The thing is He doesn´t expect to be perfect in any of these areas, especially not now, and I don´t know that He ever will. For this I have my companion, and for this we have spouses and families. That´s why building Zion in the family is so important because we all have something different to add to the process. If we´re all trying to improve and learn together then it´s even better.

I haven´t received any packages yet, but I´m confident in the fact that they will come... eventually :) I´ve gotten every letter so far, but I think the post offices are especially crazy with the Holidays and what not. Pday will be wednesday next week and I´ll let you know for sure what time I will be calling :) Love you!

I had to do tramites this week in Rosario so we spent the night in the mission home with our mission president´s family. We kneeled and said family prayer with them and one of the little girls said ¨gracias por las hermanas que vinieron a comer¨ hahah it was SO funny and presidente started laughing in the middle of the prayer..

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