Saturday, March 14, 2015


Caaambios :)

Well, my dearest family... my time in Ramallo Pueblo has ended.

Hello Arroyo Seco! :) my area sits just outside of Rosario and once again I´m serving in a little Pueblito. I´ve been here just two days but I already love it here and the members are awesome!
But that´s not even the biggest news.. I´m training! And doing a whitewash at the same time! Hahaha when they called me I didn´t know whether to laugh or to cry.. but the truth is I´m really excited and I know I´m going to learn A TON. It´s a lot of responsibility, but I know the Lord wouldn´t have given it to me if he didn´t know that I could do it with His help. I have a feeling that these next two transfers will be some of my most stressful but also some of my favorites. Por suerte my companion es recapa and we get along really well. Her name is Hermana Hone, she´s from Utah and we´re the same age. We also live with two other Hermanas, one from Peru (Hermana Garbin) and hermana Bruneel( I was in concepcion del uruguay with her!) Seriously it is the best thing ever and we´re always laughing!

I´m sure I don´t really know what I´m getting into, but I decided to have faith and just trust in the lord. I know I won´t train or teach perfectly, but it´s going to help me grow into the person I need to become! Just pray lots for me and my companion! ;) Love you all!

Hermana Robinson

Chau Ramallo…

I’ll miss Argenchino the most.

I’ll miss the branch too!

. I finally saw my MTC companion again!  Hermana Briggs is training too. :)

My new companion!  She da best.  We’re already best friends.

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