Saturday, November 29, 2014


Another week has come and gone! I just want to start by saying how much I love the area I´m in. The members are so awesome. They are so willing to help us, feed us (sometimes too much:), and come with us to lessons. When investigators come to church or activities, they just take them under their wings. It makes me want to do all that I can to build up the kingdom in this area! I realized how much of a responsibility I have in this branch. My trainer leaves in three weeks, and someone new is going to come and I´m going to have to be the one to show my new trainer around the area and introduce them to the members and all that jazz. I´ve been really trying this week to get to know the members a little bit better and show them that I´m doing all I can to keep the work moving here. It was a little bit overwhleming once I realized that I need to start taking the iniciative in working with the members and our investigators, but I realized that Heavenly Father wouldn´t have put me in this situation if He didn´t think I could do it. So just keep praying for me that I´ll be able to form strong relationships with them! 

We´ve been struggling a little bit with finding new people to teach. A lot of people just like to invite us over and listen and learn about what we believe, but always tell us that they´re catholic and going to stay catholic.. hahah that´s what they think ;) I´m joking, but it´s sad because we get to know them and their struggles, and my heart breaks every time I hear about the things these people have gone through. Then my heart breaks even more when they turn us away because I know how much this gospel can help them. We´ve been praying really hard to just find someone who will want to listen to us. Already in the last couple of days we´ve met a lot of great people that I´m hoping will accept the things we have to share. 

The language is coming slowly but surely. For me, it´s really a matter of just speaking. A lot of the time I´m hesistant to say anything because I can barely follow the conversation and don´t really know what to say. But I always seem to catch the most important parts, so I just have to trust that Heavenly Father is going to give me the words I need to say.

Once again, thank you for being the most amazing, wonderful family I could have ever hoped for! Sounds like a lot of change is going on, but at least we´re all going through it together :) Something Kristin told me that I´ve been thinking a lot about recently is that change is always stressful, even when it´s good change. So we just have to embrace it and learn to love it :) I love it here more and more every day and I´m learning to enjoy the journey. Let´s continue to strenghten and uplift one another and establish Zion in our family. I love you all! 

Love, Hermana Robinson

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