Saturday, November 29, 2014


Hello, my dears! Yet another week has come and gone hear in Ramallo...
One of our investigators, Maria Fernanda, is getting ready to be baptized here pretty soon. She is so awesome and has been attending church for almost a month now. We finally committed her to baptism this week and it was awesome. She wouldn´t accept a date for a long time, and I don´t really know what changed, but she finally said yes! Haha we originally planned for the 8th of November but had to change it because the branch is traveling to Buenos Aires to go to the temple and nobody is going to be here... so we changed it to the 15th. Then we found out yesterday that we´ll be having a special stake conference in San Nicolas that weekend because an Apostle is coming! We don´t know who it is yet, but it´s a pretty big deal cuz it´s not even for the whole mission, just for us :) So even though I´m pretty pumped, I feel bad because we have to change her date AGAIN. Hahah but she´s awesome and I know she´s gonna get there. As we were leaving her house the day we committed her she asked "Should I make a pizza for after the service?" Hahah she is the cutest thing.

Another one of our investigators is a cute little old lady named Diana. We had a good first lesson with her, and invited her to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. We talked about some other stuff and she began to cry and told us that what she really wanted is for her son to call her because she hasn´t seen him in a long time. We tried to comfort her and told her she could pray so that he´d call her. She said one of the most fervent prayers I´ve ever heard, and I was praying really hard so that he´d call her, too. We showed up to her house yester day, and guess what? He didn´t call. He showed up to her house and had spent the whole day with her! Hahaha we were so happy for her and she told us that she just cried and cried and when she first saw him she immediately thought of us. It was a pretty cool experience. She then proceeded to tell us that she didn´t want to join any church and asked if she should return the BoM. Haha but we had a nice chat and she´s going to read and pray again. :)

This morning I was reading in 2 Nefi 32 and Nephi talks about how sometimes we don´t understand the scriptures simply because we don´t ask. The Holy Ghost can tell us ALL things, all we have to do is ask and search for the answers! I really liked it a lot, because our Heavenly Father is willing and wants to reveal all things to us, we just have to be open and willing to receive the revelation. He will teach us things as soon as we are ready to receive them.
I love all of you so much! I can´t believe that Corinne is all growed up and getting married next week! It was just yesterday that we divided all our pokemon cards, built a snowfort and filmed the best movie ever made (A Horse Named Jasper), no? I am also so excited for Jeanette and Dave! The bigger our family gets, the more awesome it is! Have a wonderful Halloween and somebody pull out the cat lady outfit with the shopping cart for me, eh?

Love, Hermana Robinson

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