Saturday, November 29, 2014


Querido Familia,
This week was crazy! But I´m still alive so that´s good. :) Hahah it´s been one of the hardest weeks and yet one of the best! Last Monday was our pday especial and we went to Concordia to spend the day with our zone. It was really fun and super beautiful. I love any time we get to spend with other missionaries and may or may not have taken advantage of the 3 hour bus ride to catch up on some sleep :) 
My first week being in charge of the area was a struggle, especially during planning. I was feeling a little stressed out just because our area is huge and one particular night we had absoultely nothing planned for the next evening. I just didn´t even know where to start and I felt a lot of pressure to find out exactly what where we needed to be exactly when we needed to be there... cuz there are people who are prepared and I wanna find em. But like I said, I didn´t have a clue of where to start. Finally I just decided to pick a name from our huge list of menos activos and planned to go contact this woman and after we were going to contact that area (still super awkward about these, btw). Long story short, we were the answer to this woman´s prayers, we found crazy weird connections to other menos activos and it was just a really cool experience.  It helped me see that as long as we´re really trying to go about doing good, doing our best to follow the promptings of the spirit, He´s going to put people in our path and He will lead us to where we need to be. This week I´ve seen a huge change in myself and my ability to just trust in the Lord and follow the spirit. It´s awesome.
Now for the other 57 miracles. Yesterday we had 57 people en la capilla compared to the usual 30 or so! We worked a lot this week with menos activo families and two of them showed up to church for the first time in years. It was so awesome and we were all on cloud nine! even if there was a fist fight and a bloody nose. Hahah good times. The trick now is just getting them to come every week. :) We also had two investigators there and one of them is getting baptized on the 13th of September! So. even though this week was tough, I´m learning and growing a ton and we´re seeing a lot of miracles in this area. :) #concepcióndeluruguayordie
Love you all so very much! I love seeing all of these pictures, even if it takes  me a minute to recognize my nieces and nephews because they´re all growing up so very fast! :) Have a wonderful week, my dears.

Hermana Robinson


Yay for Concordia!

Maria y Maria. Everyone here is named Maria and if they aren´t they´re named Jose.

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