Saturday, November 29, 2014


My heavens, what a week this has been here in Ramallo! Turns out my new companion only has one more transfer than I do and... I speak and understand a little bit better than she does. Needless to say, neither one of us has a lot of experience, but the both of us have a strong deisre to work hard, learn, and improve. This week I´ve felt a little overwhelmed with all the changes, but I have grown more than I did all last transfer. I´m doing things that I didn´t know that I knew how to do, and I have absolutely no doubts that the Lord is helping me. Before I could maybe understand 80% of what people say, but this week I have been able to understand everything. And even if I miss something, I always hear the most important parts. I just feel so blessed and I know for sure now that the Lord doesn´t call the qualified but qualifies the called. Obviously I still have a TON to learn, but I´m pleased with my progress and I know the Lord is too. The biggest change I´ve seen in myself is just how real all of this feels to me now. Up to this point my mission has felt a little bit like a dream to me, and... I dunno. I don´t know how to explain it. It´s a little bit overwhelming when I think of the importance of this calling, but I find comfort in knowing that Lord isn´t going to demand anything of me that I can´t do with His help. I just hope that my weaknesses don´t keep anybody from receiving this gospel. Even though I´m being stretched, I know that this is exactly what I need in order to come to know my Savior better. It´s been really humbling to trust in Him and the spirit rather than a fluent companion. I´m really grateful for Hermana Yi, her diligence, and her desire to work hard. Somehow we´ve been teaching more lessons than ever, and I truly believe, despite our inexperience, that we´ll be seeing MILAGROS in Ramallo Pueblo. All I know is that we´re together for a reason and I just have to trust in the Lord that He is going to be able to use me. 
Something I´ve been thinking about lately is just how much I have grown to love Argentina and the people here. I remember the night I got set apart when Dad pulled me aside and told me, ¨I know you´re crying right now because  you´re going to miss your family, but I promise you when you´re on the plane home you´ll cry twice as hard because chances are you´ll never see those people again.´´ I love the people here so much, I love my companions, and I am so grateful for them becasue they are changing my life. And gosh, I know still have a good while before I´ll be coming home but it already makes me tear up. 
I love all of you so much and I am so grateful for our wonderful family. Please keep those prayers coming because heaven knows how much I need them. 
Con TODO mi amor, Hermana Robinson


Flia Rios, la Hna CastaƱeda y la iglesia grande.

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