Saturday, November 29, 2014


S/O to Rochelle and Taylor and baby Payten! Truth is I´m a little jealous because if there´s one thing that I miss, it´s holding babies.. so let´s just say I better be receiving lots and lots of photos of ALL my nieces and nephews :)
What a wonderful week we had here in Pueblo. First of all, I´m staying here for another transfer and I´m super happy because things are really starting to pick up here. Truth is things are starting to pick up in the whole mission because Presidente Zanni is changing a lot of things and everyone is really fired up. The biggest news is that we get up at 7 now... hahaha but only because we go to bed at 11. It´s crazy how much of a difference it makes. We sleep for the same amount of time, but I feel so much more refreshed at 7 than I do at 6:30.
Also, on Sunday we had our special conference with Elder Russell M. Nelson. It was so awesome and he speaks Castellano. Who knew? He shared the same story that´s in the Mormon Message that Dad´s in so that made me real happy. :) Basically his message was, are we ready for the last days? If Christ came tomorrow, would we be ready? It really got me thinking that we really don´t know when He´s going to come. Like seriously the Council of Adam Ondi Ahman could be tomorrow. It got me so fired up to just give everything that I can especially during my time as a full time missionary. This time is so short and the weeks pass so quickly. I want to go to bed every night knowing that I did the best that I could. And if I made mistakes (which I do everyday) I want to wake up with the determination to learn from them. Corinne gave me some good advice a couple weeks back and said that, yes, Heavenly Father knows that we´ll make mistakes and that we need to improve, but that His correction is always accompanied with the hope that we can change and become better every day. Satan tries to discourage us into thinking that we´re so far from perfection that we may as well not even try. I´ve really tried to apply that the last couple weeks and I can definitely see the difference in my effectiveness as a missionary. We had divisions this week with the capacitadoras and Hermana Perez told me that I just need to have more confidence in myself. Every negative thought that I have, Satan will take it and run. I realized that she was right and that it doesn´t matter if I only have five months in the mission field, it doesn´t matter if I can´t speak or understand the people perfectly, the Lord has put me here for a reason because He knows that I´m capable. I realized that even though I´m not a missionary with tons of experience, I can pretend like I am and work like one. Cuz you know what they say, fake it til you make it. Hahaha but I have seen such a huge change if myself and my desire to  just work hard and give all that I have and I feel like my effectiveness as a missionary has increased so much in just 3 days. 
Oh, and I shook hands with Elder Nelson. Just sayin.

I love everyone so much! And as always, I´m so grateful for all the love and prayers and I hope all of you know that I´m always praying for and thinking of all of you. Have fun in Connecticut and San Diego! Just not too much fun without me :)

Love, Hermana Robinson


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