Sunday, July 27, 2014

Week 7 - 7/21/14

¡Hola mi familia! ¿Cómo andan? I hope all is well with everyone at home! I love hearing about all that is happening! These are such exciting times. Things are crazy over here and I have no doubts everyone has all sorts of things going on and that everyone is keeping busy. I´m so happy that Brett and Missy and the Pulleys will be arriving this week!!! Totes jelly but all is well because families are forever and I´ll be back in 16 months.
So my first week in Argentina.. I know y´all are just dying to here the details. My heavens, where do I begin? We arrived in Argentina on Tuesday morning. I really don´t want to think about that plane ride again because it was just too long and you all know how much I hate plane rides. I got here and that´s all the matters :) We drove a good 3 or 4 hours to Rosario and spent the night in the mission home. The Zannis are awesome and I love them so much! I met my trainer, Hna Myler, and she rocks. Also she´s American which I wasn´t expecting. But don´t worry, she only speaks to me in Spanish. Hahaha this is actually her last transfer before she finishes the mission so that means I´ll have two trainers. Lucky me! :) She is great though and I know I´ll learn a lot from her.
My first area is Concepción del Uruguay! Hahah I know what you´re all thinking. But anyways, it´s about four hours from Rosario and it´s awesome. I really love Argentina and I think it´s beautiful. I don´t really have culture shock at all except for the language... they speak s´darn fast here! But I can actually understand a lot and the members told me my accent is really good. I introduced myself in Sacrament meeting yesterday and everyone told me that I speak Castellano muy bien and that my testimony was perfect. And then after church a homless man told me that I had beautiful eyes. So that was nice. Oh, but you should have been there for my first contact! Hahah I mean I´m awkward when I speak English so you can only imagine what I´m like speaking Spanish. I´m not afraid to talk to people, the problem is just when they talk back. Cuz I can´t understand them. But it will come with time and practice, right? :)
Overall I´m doing very well. It´s certainly an adjustment, but lots of prayer gets me through each day. I have a lot of things I need to work on, a lot of things I need to learn, so I just have to be patient and trust in the Lord and in myself. I am so grateful to have the family that I have! All of you are wonderful and I love all of you so much. Thank you for being such amazing examples to me and for being such an amazing support. Something I´m trying to work on is just being happy in the moment rather than always waiting for something. We can be grateful and be happy no matter what our cirumstances are, and we can always know that things will get better and there are better days ahead. I´m grateful that I have my savior to rely on, and an amazing family as well. I love all of you so much! Have a wonderful week!
Love, Hermana Robinson

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