Sunday, July 27, 2014

Week 3 - 6/24/14

My heavens, am I halfway done with the MTC already? It really has gone by so fast. And every day we get busier and busier which makes it fly by even faster. So much happens throughout the week, and I wish I had time to write about all of it! It gets better every single week.

On Sunday was the best devotional of my whole entire life for a few reasons. Janice Kapp Perry (the lady that wrote like all the best primary songs-- seriously, think of your top favorites and she wrote all of them) and her husband spoke to us. I don't actually remember a whole lot of what they said, only how I felt. We sang a medley of a bunch of primary songs and the spirit was so strong. Then we sang the Army of Helaman/Sisters in Zion medley and there was not a dry eye in there. It was so so awesome. Plus they were hilarious. She told the story of how they met and I guess they were in a music class together at BYU.  She was about to play her clarinet for the class when he tapped her and said something like "Those lips look like they were made for doing something much more important than playing the clarinet." Hahahah ok so we're all dying laughing and then her husband walks up to the podium and just kisses her real good in front of everyone. Hahah needless too say it was a little too much action for us missionaries, everyone was going crazy. Definitely a devotional to remember.

This morning we went to the temple again and this time all I could think about it everyone's potential as a son and daughter of God. We can literally become Gods and Goddesses. HOW COOL IS THAT? Then this afternoon Elder D. Todd Christofferson spoke at our devotional about this exact thing. He told us that before we can help someone else recognize their potential, we must first know our own. When we truly believe that, we act in a way that reflects that knowledge. We try harder to do the things that Christ would do and we're constantly repenting, trying to improve and become the best we can possibly be. When we know that everyone has the same potential, how can you not love them?? I'm still working on that. He also said that we need to pray to develop charity because it's a spiritual gift. When we truly love other people, they will be able to feel Christ's love for them through us. I hope people will be able to feel His love for them through me.

We also got to meet with our mission presidents again last night! They are the cutest people ever. It's really is something special that we all get to start this mission together. Not everybody gets the chance to meet their mission presidents while they're in the MTC, and I like to think we have a special bond;)

I love all of you so much! I wish I had time to write all of you individually, so just know that I am so so grateful for all of your love and support. I have the best family ever!! I say it every single week but it's the truth. Oh, and one other quick thought. In relief society on Sunday, one of the speakers said something along the lines of "Those seeking for Zion must first learn its principles through a wilderness experience." It reminded me of our family because we're always talking about that. :) Love you all! SO much!!!

Love, Hna. Robinson


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